Waiting staff, wait staff, or waitstaff are those who work at a restaurant or a bar attending customers - supplying them with food and drink as requested promptly and pleasantly. The waiter is popularly known as a Steward or Commis-de-Rang. A female who "waits" on tables is often called a waitress. The gender-neutral server and collective waitstaff can also be used. The role of the waiter is to greet the guests, provide menu information, take orders, deliver food, provide other assistance during the meal and offer the guest check for payment at the appropriate time.

Guest service is the most important part of the food service industry. Many businesses use computers as part of their guest services but in the food service industry the human element is essential and cannot be replaced by machines except for food and drink vending machines. In the food service industry guests want to be treated in the proper manner. They want to be served by people who are interested in them and give good service. The higher the standards of the outlet the more the guests will expect or demand from the style of service and the service staff.

The course provides all necessary knowledge for waiting staff: